Guided visit to La Vallée du Moulin

Although we have taken responsible and reasonable measures to provide a safe environment for our visitors, the site of La Vallée du Moulin remains a natural environment with rugged terrain given its location in a valley. During your visit to the premises, you will notably, and without limitation, have to descend a staircase of around a hundred steps and ascend for approximately five minutes on gravel and asphalt surfaces. 

Discharge of responibility

By purchasing my ticket for a guided tour of La Vallée du Moulin online or in person, I understand that I must exercise caution and vigilance when circulating on company premises and that I must respect all safety instructions. I also understand that there are reasonable, normal, and foreseeable risks and hazards inherent in engaging in outdoor activities in a natural environment. I release La Vallée du Moulin from any responsibility for incidents that may occur on their property.

Update 2023