The Spices of the Valley

The uniqueness of our flavors rhymes with the diversity and richness of the valley's flora. Indeed, we are committed to developing exceptional products that rely on fresh, healthy ingredients we produced ourselves as much as possible. Handmade and respecting our high-quality standards, they are the perfect marriage between simplicity and refinement.

Since the Valley is overflowing with treasures, we let it inspire us when creating new products. Our maple jellies with unusual flavors are a good example. We use some of the spices naturally found in the valley. Here are some of the valley spices we use:

Boreal nutmeg is found in the in cold temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic. In Quebec, it is very common along lakes and rivers. The buds of boreal nutmeg (also named sweetgale, and nicknamed “bois-sent-bon”), were used in Quebec to dye wool yellow.

Dune pepper comes from the green alder, a shrub that can reach three meters in height and which produces catkins as flowers. Catkins are harvested, dried, and then used in cooking.