La Vallée du Moulin

“Anne-Marie’s trio” box


This trio box developed by Anne-Marie includes the best of three worlds: the delicious and popular spread of fresh figs from Quebec, the tasty maple jelly with dune pepper and the exclusive honey jelly. It will bring a refined and varied touch to your cheese and charcuterie platters!

Whether it's to introduce a loved one to the flavors of the valley or to taste them yourself without missing a thing, Anne-Marie's trio will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Spread ingredients: Organic figs, Organic cane sugar, Agar-agar, Citric acid.

Dune pepper maple jelly ingredients: Organic maple syrup, Agar-agar, Dune pepper, Labrador tea (leaf and flower), Spices.  

Honey Jelly Ingredients: Honey, Agar-agar. May contain: Citric acid.

Size: 3 x 100ml