Family is at the core of all actions carried out by our company. The pleasure we have in working together drives us every day to develop new projects. The passion has been passed down for two generations in the Proulx family, soon to be three.

We are fortunate to have committed and hard-working employees in our team who collaborate wonderfully in our activities. They are essential to the success of our projects.

*Presentation of team members from left to right


Mylène is a physiotherapist who also works part-time in the company in product processing and administrative support. Endowed with a strong analytical mind, she is also dedicated, efficient, and always ready to help others. Being the eldest of the family, she brings us back to the right path when we fool around too much!


Serge is our mentor. Entrepreneur, retired engineer and visionary, he never stops imagining new projects. Passionate and hungry for challenges, he is also a friend to all the animals residing in the valley: deer, turtles, birds, mink, flying squirrels... He always has a story to tell about it!


Marie-Michèle was an animal health technician in a veterinary clinic for a few years before joining the adventure as a beekeeper, and was responsible for greenhouse operations as well as processing. Energetic, organized, detail-oriented, and creative, she loves to make the work environment pleasant for everyone.


Étienne was trained as an electrical technician, and he has unparalleled manual skills. He is our operations, equipment maintenance, and automation manager. He is also the chief maple syrup producer and beekeeper. Always working, meticulous, ingenious, funny and attentive, he is the one we call to fix problems.


Anne-Marie was trained as a mathematics teacher. She is in charge of business management and marketing, and she monitors our crops. She knows how to rally us all with her dynamic, rigorous, and light-hearted nature. She has a natural inclination towards numbers, but for human resources as well. She is the family organizer who ensures that nothing is left to chance.