Guide d'entretien du figuier

Fig tree care guide

Origin of the fig tree Originally from Asia Minor (approximately present-day Turkey), the common fig tree (Ficus carica) belongs to the Moraceae f...

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By respecting nature

La Vallée du Moulin is an exceptional place in terms of fauna and flora diversity. Comprising a section of the Salmon River and home to a great arr...

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The vast majority of Quebec has only one imported fresh fig variety, the Black Mission. At the Vallée du Moulin, we grow several varieties of fresh...

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Les épices de la vallée

The Spices of the Valley

The uniqueness of our flavors rhymes with the diversity and richness of the valley's flora. Indeed, we are committed to developing exceptional prod...

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Vision de Serge

Serge's vision

Behind the projects of La Vallée du Moulin, there is a man and his vision. Serge is our mentor, but also the one who dreamed and imagined what our ...

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The use of figs at home

Surprisingly, figs are not fruits, but inverted flowers. Unlike other fruit trees like the apple tree, it is inside the pear-shaped pod that the fl...

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Family is at the core of all actions carried out by our company. The pleasure we have in working together drives us every day to develop new projec...

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L’histoire d’amour avec les abeilles

The love affair with bees

Serge's love affair with bees goes back more than 45 years when he worked for a beekeeper in Alberta. In pre-retirement, he began to assemble a col...

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