The genesis of our productions

In 2007, maple syrup production began with the construction of the sugar shack and the harvesting of maple sap from some 300 taps.


Wildflower and forest honey

In 2011, a honey house was built on the family forest land in Scotstown. The hives were then installed in the middle of the forest at the foot of Mont Mégantic and produced a sweet and fruity honey that is rapidly gained in popularity. Now, we find our colorful apiaries in a few places in the valley. By gathering pollen from the flowers of our orchard, our fields, and our shores, our bees continue to produce exceptional honey that is so appreciated by our customers.


Quebec organic figs

While the idea of producing figs right here in Quebec had been floating around in Serge's head for a few years, La Vallée du Moulin acquired its first fig trees in 2017. Two years later, the first greenhouse was built to house some 1,000 fig trees of more than a dozen different varieties. The first organic figs in Quebec could be harvested.



It was in 2012 that Serge's dream of creating a project with his children in the valley in Melbourne began to take shape. All joined gradually from 2017, bringing their varied expertise. The third generation is already on the horizon.


The history of La Vallée du Moulin is still only in its first chapters. There will certainly be many developments and twists. Several innovative projects are already on the drawing board.