Our maple syrup, another family story

Anchored in our family traditions since 2007, the exploitation of the sugar bush has developed gradually over the years. Initially, the maple sap from some 300 taps was collected in boilers and transported by the whole family. Today, we have nearly 1,200 taps on either side of the Salmon River, all linked to tubing lines.

Sugaring season remains a special family moment for us in which all three generations are happy to participate. Spouses and friends join in the chore, the children have fun, the valley fills with sweet aromas, and wakes up quietly.

Étienne, our experienced maple syrup producer, works with enthusiasm and dedication to produce high-quality syrup, boiled over a wood fire in an artisanal fashion and in small quantities. To taste our maple syrup is to enter into our family tradition. Our customers call us every year to book it.

Did you know that each maple tree produces approximately 1 liter of syrup per year, depending on the number of taps and the size of the trunk?