Serge's vision

Behind the projects of La Vallée du Moulin, there is a man and his vision. Serge is our mentor, but also the one who dreamed and imagined what our valley would become. After restoring the dam and building the mill, this inexhaustible visionary had other ideas in mind. His dearest desire was to highlight the natural and unique cachet of the valley and the Salmon River. Holding on dearly to his dream of being able to give back and to pass on to the next generation, Serge became interested in agriculture, more precisely in maple syrup, then in beekeeping.

Over the years and with the addition of activities in the valley, the idea of a family project based on the complicity and the close ties that unite us has flourished. Having in mind to promote the undeniable advantage of producing his own hydroelectricity, Serge naturally turned to greenhouse farming. But to produce what? Being a man of challenge who thinks outside the box, Serge had an epiphany when he savored a fresh fig during a trip to France.

From there was born this unusual and ambitious project to produce fresh figs in greenhouses in Quebec. It obviously required a lot of work, research, and procedures of all kinds even before the first greenhouse was built. Each of us gradually joined the project in order to contribute our strengths and skills.

Today, our visionary has jointly realized his dreams of showcasing the valley and passing on his entrepreneurial background to his four children through a stimulating family project. However, do not think that his inspiration for new challenges has dried up, quite the contrary!