La Vallée du Moulin

"Etienne's Trio" box


Like Étienne, are you fond of maple products and eager for unusual flavors? This trio box of maple jellies with flavors from the valley will satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you discover unique combinations of maple and local spices.

Perfect for gift giving, Étienne's trio will add a unique sweet touch to your cheese tastings and will undoubtedly please everyone!

Our maple jellies are concocted using plant-based ingredients only.

Ingredients Flavor Nᵒ 5 : Organic maple syrup, Agar-agar.

Ingredients Flavor Nᵒ 6: Organic maple syrup, Agar-agar, Bayberry, Spices.

Ingredients Flavor Nᵒ 11 : Organic maple syrup, Agar-agar, Dune pepper, Labrador tea (leaf and flower), Spices.

Size: 3 x 100ml